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Izza Drawing Progress by Izzabell
Izza Drawing Progress
*Scroll to the bottom for the updates*
Whats this? Three uploads in one day??! I said I was going to ink this, and that's what I'm doing. There is going to be a lot of changes made to this drawing, so I might as well upload the progress. I have a long week of work ahead of me, so I won't be uploading much. If I find time I will though. Original is here…
Update 7/27/14
Modified face to better fit anatomy. 
Modified hair to look more realistic. 
Added ear
Shortened neck
Update 7/28/14
Adjusted eye
Worked on anatomy of arm
Adjusted breasts to look more realistic 
Update 7/30/14
Worked on hip and thigh region
Made curve of back look more realistic, gave realistic skin folds
Widened hip and thighs, gave more muscle to thighs
Sculpted left hip
Slightly modified belly button 
Update 8/3/14
Modified arm lines slightly
Started working on knee/calf area
Darkened some lines
Cleaned up some previously drawn lines…
Worked on the feet a little, but they are a work in progress and look pretty bad, so they are cropped out
Made her have less of a bubble butt
worked on legs and calves and knees. More work needs to be done on the back leg
She has feet! The feet too way longer than they should have.......That's all that was accomplished. Hands will be with the next update and clothes sometime soon!
She has hands!
Modified arm on right side to not appear overly long, also spent some time on hands to make sure they are the right size, although they still look weird.....hand on the right side still looks too small. Will mess with it some more tomorrow.
Darkened some lines to give a uniform appearance.
Changed position of foot on left side to appear more natural.
I have also added the original image next to it so you can more easily compare the two.
Added clothes, obviously.
Adjusted hand/arm a bit
Added shading to clothes.
I started creating flats and added a background (not in the upload, will probably update it tomorrow)
Color! I might change the size of the whole canvas. We'll see how that goes
Streaming now on Youtube/Google Hangouts
Completely reworked the coloring on the form to match light sources. 
Tried and failed to create clouds....multiple times. I'll get back to it.
Sorry for not updating in a while. Had some life issues I was dealing with. Hopefully will be updating on a more regular basis again soon. 
Changes with this update--I mainly added more reflective light to her skin and worked on the lighting of the hair. 

See you soon!
This time two images. I took a closer shot of the parts I mainly worked on, the face, and a wider shot to show how the highlights looked like from a distance. I wasn't liking the highlights originally, they kept making her face look like it was sagging and puffed up. I adjusted the highlights and I'm a bit happier. I also added color to the eye's and lips....more like definition......her eyes and lips are black so I had to add highlights mainly. Tried adding highlights to the hair, but it ended up seeming like too much and making the body not look light enough. So obviously having issues giving the appearance of white hair while at the same time having a darker background and darker skin. Gonna have to look at more artwork of Storm, oh shucks. I also added highlights the arms, hands neck and chest. 
Wow, 11 months to the day since I last updated this?! Its almost criminal! Anyway, I had a free second to do my own thing and I had been itching to work on this. I didn't have too much time, but I was able to work on the face a little. As you can tell, I evened out the dark and light portions to make her look more realistic as well as adding a scowl on her brow. Really amazed at the difference one year will make!
Able to work on this again. I'm really amazed at how my skill level has changed in just a year. I added more highlights to the face as well as adding more reflective like in order to make it lighter, but at the same time more gaunt. I don't want her to be gorgeous, she is, but I want her to be scary and intimidating. Also, I'm hoping I will make her more aged and less of a baby face. I also added more light to her chest to add hints of the breast bone and the pull of gravity. Lastly, I started adding shines to the eyes and lips. They are supposed to be black so I need to add highlights to make them appear solid and in the case of the eyes, not like hollow sockets. 
I worked on this on Friday, but never updated it here. The changes that were made was obviously the hair. I just couldn't keep staring at how it looked before. I added tons of values to the hair. I still need to add white to lighten it up. After that, I need to add reflective light to make it blend into the rest of the composition. Mainly because the white hair changes the look of all of the work I've done on the skin. At least this gives me more of an excuse to lighten the skin more. 
By all technicality its the 25th, but I'm still saying its the 24th so that why the date is written like that. Either way, I have been working on lightening the skin a little bit more to match all that hair. Only got the collar bone. Also added more gleams in the eyes to make them look more black. 
Critiques are welcome and don't forget to check out my streaming session… To get more updates, follow me on Twitter and Facebook 
JNB by Izzabell
I'm updating my Identities. This is what I intend on using for my logo. I might play around with placement depending on what I'm using it for.

The design is supposed to be outlines for setting up capital letters traditionally using calligraphy techniques.

Made all this in Illustrator and the letters represent my initials. 


Moon Phases by Izzabell
The Jackalope by Izzabell
Ophiuchus by Izzabell
Practice apple by Izzabell
I can do a variety of illustrations. If you have something in mind, message me and let me know. Base price would depend on complexity of the idea and time constraints.
Line Art Coloring
Buffy and Hellboy by Izzabell
Asterodea_Colored by Izzabell
I can color any line arts. Note me for more details. Price will vary based on size and complexity. Base price set at $20.
T-shirt Designs
Bloody T-shirt by Izzabell
Pray Randomly by Izzabell
I can do any designs for T-shirts. Note me for details and price. If I have to sell the shirt as well as design it, I'll try to keep the price under $20. Also, I have a shop open for shirts you can see it here Izzabell's Shirts & Stuff

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I never hear from anyone. If you are an active watcher, respond some how. 
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Coming back here.. I feel as if I was such a little kid and how I've changed since then. With all I've done.. all those old submissions.. just make me cringe at what I use to be. All those old comments I had on those submissions.. you're the only person I actually remember from those times when we use to talk.. in a way.. I actually miss it. Even though you don't seem to be here anymore. Maybe someday you'll check back and see this and remember those days, years ago.

I do hope the best for you Izzabell, those were some great memories.
Izzabell Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hey! I come back here and check messages but I've been pretty busy with my current project and will probably add many new submissions soon. I miss talking to you too. There are times when I'm reminded of you and I miss it. How have you been?
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Lol I noticed that too. Don't worry about it, you were young. At least you are mature enough too reflect.

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